Which Products You Can Use For Rescuing Your Rental Bathroom?

Quite similar to other problematic areas of the apartment rentals, the bathrooms also need special attention to be given to them. And of course, you have to look for solutions that are of temporary nature and can be ridden off when you have to leave the unit. Here are some temporary solutions that can help you give a vintage look to your bathroom.

Start by organizing the vanity. Mostly, the standard vanities used in the bathrooms in rental apartments are nothing more than an open big space. You can make most out of this space if you install a couple of organizers that can be pulled out when you need.

You can customize your bathroom by adding some hooks. Your bathing accessories, robes, clothes and towels all need some space to be hanged. So, you are always in need of some extra hooks in your bathroom. Make sure that the walls are not damaged as there are products that can be stripped onto the walls. They can be easily applied, serve you quite well and you can easily remove them when you have to make a move out of your current apartment.

Next you should corral all your essentials. Using shower caddy in apartments Oklahoma City can prove to be the easiest of ways for adding some additional storage into your bathroom. You can find many products with some wonderful designs that can hold so many bottles as well as other essentials used in bathing.

Line your medicine cabinet as well. Old in-built medicine cabinets may be ugly, rusty, and stained mess. You should better cover the shelves and/or walls of your medicine cabinets using contact paper so that it can be transformed into a completely new look. Alternately, you can also go for adding metal to your cabinet’s back to have some extra storage.

When you have to change the look of your rental apartment bathroom, think about creating a diversion. It is a great idea for you to distract your attention from the ugly looking flooring. Introducing some sort of decking can work wonders when it comes to covering up the old tiles. There are products available from different manufacturers and you can select the one that fulfills your needs the best.

It is also a great idea to replace the rod for shower curtain. You can simply find models that will make your shower feel much roomier than what it may actually be. Another idea for you can be to replace your bathroom’s old shower head. This can be done easily and fairly quickly. You can find shower head that can be handheld and can act as the rain showerheads as well. So, it’s better to get something that is more in-fashion and appeals your aesthetic sense as well. All these products have the complete capability to change the whole look of your apartment’s old-fashioned bathroom upside down.

Ways For Dealing With The Ugly Bathroom Lighting

People often face problems with their ugly looking light fixtures in the bathroom of their apartments for rent. They don’t really know what to do about it. Well, there are certain factors that should be taken into account like, what is intended to be changed in the lighting, the level of your handiness and what exactly are you willing to spend on it.

In case if it only requires a simple makeover, instead of complete overhaul, a cheaper fix is suggested that is to spray-paint your light fixture or to try some new shade. But if you don’t really like anything at all about the current lighting then you may be looking replace the light fixture completely. Those who live on rent or can’t replace the fixture somehow, some tips are given here to get rid of such problems.

You can simply change shades of your light fixtures in the bathroom of your apartments Oklahoma City. It’s the least expensive and the simplest method of updating any outdated light fixture. Plus, it can change your bathroom’s look completely. Lighting and hardware stores sell the bathroom kits and shades, and they’ll be able to help you out in matching the new shade with the old fixture you have.

Another option you have is to spray-paint your old light fixture. Cheap and brassy fixtures have been one of the common problems in the old-fashioned apartment bathrooms. When you are bothered by your fixture’s finish then it can easily be overcome be spray-painting the fixture. For this you will have to cut the power, remove your fixture off the ceiling or wall using screwdriver, spray using primer and paint in your desired color doing couple of coats. Once done, reinstall it.

You can also think about replacing the fixture all by yourself. If you are handy and the project needs one-to-one replacement then you would be willing to think about switching out your pendant or ceiling fixture by yourself. Most significant thing would be to turn off your power supply through the circuit panel of the home prior to doing anything else.

You can also hire some electrician for replacing the light fixture of your rental apartments in Oklahoma City. When you have to deal with anything that is complex compared to one-to-one replacement then it is better to hire some electrician. The prices charged by the electricians can vary and hence it is advisable to call in various electricians for understanding what the standard rates are in the area where you live.

You should work with whatever is available to you. At times it is the best possible way for you to handle the outdated bathroom would be to simply embrace it. You should find accessories, such as towel bars and other similar bathroom hardware, which match your fixture’s finish and take the cues from current color scheme while you are decorating the space.

Things You Haven’t Done Yet But Should Do With Your Rental Apartment

People who live in rental apartments Oklahoma City, don’t often see them to be a permanent homes. The do not plan to stay in the rental units more than only a couple of years, so there are many things that they never do which could have helped in increasing their level of peace and happiness within the unit. But there are things that people wish to have done with the rental apartments.

Too often when a talk is there about upgrades that allow you to turn your rental into your home, people often think that none of them are really worth that effort that will be needed. After all at some time you have to make a move out but there are things that need little and can deliver much to make you feel at home. Here are some of these ideas.

Everybody talks about having your rental apartments Oklahoma city painted and though it may appear to be nerve wrecking to paint the premises and then paint it back, it is definitely worth the time you will spend. When you have to paint it back, you can pay some of your neighbors or friends in cash or snacks to come and do the job for you when you are busy with your packing stuff.

Some rentals can have bad lighting but there are some that offer you only sucky lighting. By bad lighting it is meant that the place may be dark and some lamp may be required. But when we talk about sucky lighting it means that there is enough of the light available, but it is not just great. Even though some additional light sources could be helpful but you say that it’s not your home and you should not worry at all about this. However, you should think that how could you be able to improve that look of your room in the apartment rental if you do not add some lamps to liven it up.

Heavy things should be placed on walls. People easily avoid using heavy pieces or artwork only because they tend to leave that hole in the wall. They think they will be violating the terms of their contract or may not be allowed for this by their landlord. But you can ask for permission as any hole can be patched up easily when you have to leave the rental apartment in Oklahoma City or you can easily paint over the surface with coordinating colors. You could have made things better by placing your wonderful porthole mirror right on the center wall rather than sitting back in your closet until you buy your own home or apartment.

When you are living in the space that you have rented, you think it unwisely to spend money on buying items that are specific to any single space. But you can definitely make things work anyway no matter where you move and what place is it.

Customizing the Bathroom of Your Rental Apartment

Rental and renovation are the words that aren’t often heard in the same sentence. However, even if you are not allowed to overhaul the rental apartments Oklahoma City completely, there are ways in which you can be able to cover up those old avocado-green tiles, transform some ugly looking overhead light, or add some storage in the small shower without confronting the landlord in this process at all.

When we talk about the rental bathrooms, they do not often have so much of in-built storage to offer. Therefore, small additions such as wall-mounted shelves and shower caddies can be of great help. You can even be able to find some different sort of soap pumps and caddies that you can suction-cup, silicon-glue, or tension-mount to wall with no damage at all to the tile. Though you may find such products a bit expensive, but all of them are well made.

The bathroom windows are often overlooked, but they need to be dressed up for sure. If some of the bathroom windows require some privacy, then they should be dressed up with the help of window film or curtains.

The next thing you should do is to cover up those ugly looking tiles. There title tattoos available nowadays that are waterproof and can be a perfect thing to be used for covering up the tile patterns that already exist. They won’t offend your landlord either as when you have to move out you can easily peel these tattoos off.

Use tension rods that may be old-fashion but are still a great way of providing space for hanging shower curtains and you don’t need to drill anything into the tile as well. In case if you want to get something that is a bit more fancy compared to the standard rod, you can easily find ones made from bamboo or chrome materials.

The lightings in most of the bathrooms of downtown apartments tend to be ugly, and there are outdated fixtures used for lighting up your personal space. However, it is not at all a difficult thing to update these. You can make some easy changes by replacing shades, or even the fixture itself.

In small spaces such as bathrooms, detail matters a lot and going for most appropriate distinctive hooks can make a major impact on how your bathroom feels. It can be a good idea to experiment with the antique hooks as well.

Use pattern and color for decoration. Accessories can always be helpful when you have to add some color without making any huge changes or painting the room. Go for coordinating textiles like towels, shower curtains and bathmats for making a uniform color scheme throughout your bathroom.

It is always a good idea to add some freestanding furniture in your bathroom. If enough space is available, then consider adding some storage cabinet, a stool, or even some chair for giving that homier feel to the bathroom.