Commissioned Composers
2008 World Premiere Commission:

Frederic RZEWSKI, Natural Things *

  • Co-commissioned by Opus 21 (with support from the Chamber Music America Commssioning Program), Carnegie Hall, and the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival

2007 World Premiere Commissions:
Richard ADAMS, Freefall

Anna CLYNE, Next.Stop


Dennis DeSANTIS, One Trick Pony

Bill RYAN, Rapid Assembly

2006 World Premiere Commissions:

Martin BRESNICK, Capricho Nuevo

CHEN Yi, The Han Figurines

Paquito D’RIVERA, The Chaser

Kamran INCE, last night, in istanbul…

Trent KYNASTON, Mayan Myths
Tania LEÓN, Toque

2005 World Premiere Commissions:

Richard ADAMS, West Grand Boulevard

Eve BEGLARIAN, Machaut in the Age of Motown
Michael DAUGHERTY, Walk the Walk
Fred HERSCH, Groove Assembly
Joe HUNTER, Lock It In the Pocket
Tom KNIFIC, Little Wonder
Daniel Bernard ROUMAIN, I Never Meant to Hurt You