Call for Scores

Call For Scores
ELIGIBILITY: Composers of art music from all genres, including contemporary classical, jazz, rock, and world music, as well as those whose compositions fall in the hard-to-define categories in between, are invited to submit works. Selected pieces will be performed on one or more of Opus 21’s annual concerts taking place in New York City and Michigan.

INSTRUMENTATION: Solo and small ensemble works of any instrumental combination, vocal works, and works involving electronics are all welcome. Works submitted may be for acoustic and/or amplified instruments and voices. Works with durations of 10 minutes or less are preferable, although in some instances longer compositions may be considered.

DEADLINES: Since programming decisions for concerts are being made year-round, works may be submitted at any time. If deadlines for specific concerts are in effect, they will be posted on the Opus 21 web site.


  1. Score and/or recording. (CDs, cassette tapes, and MIDI realizations are all acceptable. Please indicate track numbers on CDs and cue all tapes to the piece being submitted for consideration.) Label scores and/or recordings with the following information:
  • composer’s name
  • title of work
  • instrumentation
  • duration
  • track number if relevant
  1. Contact information (address, telephone number, and email address).
  2. Performance history of the work being submitted.
  3. Composer’s biographical information.

RETURN OF MATERIALS: Opus 21 receives many works that we would like to program but that, for various reasons, may not be able to be included in the current season. Since some of these works may fit on future programs, we would prefer to hold on to all submissions for future consideration. Therefore, we ask that composers send copies that need not be returned. If a work must be returned, a self-addressed stamped mailer is required.


Richard Adams
c/o Opus 21
145 Prospect Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49006

269-552-4899 (in Michigan)
212-995-2700 (in New York City)